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Community Outreach - The Palm Project




Some years ago, a couple of guests at Karula Hotel came upon 5 little orphaned girls living in a wood and canvas shack in Zwelisha on their own. With the help of a group of American missionaries, they built a one bedroomed home for the girls.


Chandy was so taken back at the plight of these children that she decided (via Karula Hotel) to help and increase the house size. 81sq meters were added to the house, increasing it by another two bedrooms and a large community room.

The hotel continued to support the children, by donated a large deep freeze, 6 extra beds for the home, and sent the children weekly food and provisions. In addition, some of the hotel guests also contributed from time to time.


The home grew, and at one stage, housed a total of 18 orphaned children under the watchful eye of a caregiver.

2017 Update


With some of the children growing up and moving on in life, and the withdrawal of the Americans, a new group called Going Africa came in to assist Karula Hotel by taking over the running of the home in January 2016.

The house was entirely refurbished by Karula, and a new house mom was found. Mama Tembini comes with good qualifications, discipline and most of all, shows great love for the children. They have a true family life, with dinner at the table every night, and a 24/7 mom at home when they leave and return from school.

Karula currently provides a monthly shop for the children, so they get a balanced breakfast and dinner (lunch is provided by the school). Karula also pays Mama Tembini's salary.

During the holidays and long weekends, Karula also accommodates the children, so Mama can have a break.